Nic King

Nic has always been interested in real estate. From the time his dad bought his first rental property, Nic knew he wanted to be involved in the real estate business; he just didn't know how he was going to get there.

Then, at the age of 20, he figured it out. The quickest way for him to get in the real estate business was to become an agent and start selling houses.

From that point on, Nic was dedicated to getting his real estate licenses with his best friend and business partner Patrick, and becoming the best agent he could be. Nic has a passion and love for the real estate business that goes beyond selling houses. From flipping to multi-family rentals, Nic loves it all and talks about it all here!

Patrick Fassler

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About Us

Nic and Patrick started their first business together at the age of 16. From that point on, they failed, failed, failed, and succeeded at many different online businesses. This helped them learn how to build a business on and offline as well as how to market products online.


Hello, we are Nic King and Patrick Fassler. We are young internet entrepreneurs who have made a living on the internet for the past two years. We have started multiple websites, and we have went through many ups and downs across the two years that we have been working together. This is our personal site that has everything from our opinions to our daily vlogs that document our lives to our random ramblings, guides, and thoughts on business and life. Basically, it's a bit of everything, and we hope you like what you see.

Our Story

It all started back in January of 2012, and from the start, both of us were throwing around ideas of starting online ventures. We, unknowing to each other at the time, have both always wanted to start our own business and have a lifestyle which most wouldn't think possible for teenagers and young adults, but we knew exactly what we wanted. We wanted something different from the social norm. Thus, at just the age of 16, we started talking about an iPhone app that we wanted to create. The iPhone app, which was a Skyrim tutorial, walk-through, and tricks application, was discussed between the two of us for a couple weeks before it was finally decided that it was too limited for what we wanted.

shufflevidsLogoSo, we moved on to a new idea – a tool for small YouTubers. Since both of us are YouTube content creators, we knew that one of the hardest part of growing a YouTube channel is finding an audience to watch the content that you produce. Sometimes the greatest YouTube content creators can go unnoticed by the majority of people because that content creator doesn't have the knowledge to brand their channel and grow it, so we set out to fix this problem. The idea that spawned was, a website based around getting YouTuber’s the views they deserve. In February 2012, was launched.

ShuffleVids was a decent success when it first launched. It was such as success in fact that we could hardly keep up with the response from the YouTube community, and the site became very overwhelming. After a few months, however, we noticed that ShuffleVids was slowly dying and losing traction. In addition to this, we learned that we didn't have the knowledge to get the site to where it needed to be. Patrick was adding videos to the site manually every afternoon, and the task was truly overwhelming. Thus, we decided that with our current knowledge of code and online business, ShuffleVids wouldn't be able to be what it could potentially be. After 6 months of running ShuffleVids full time, the development stopped all together, and the site was shutdown.

The failure of ShuffleVids didn't stop us though. Just a few weeks after the development of ended, we were right back to the drawing board talking about new ideas for online businesses. Nic came to Patrick one day with the idea for a YouTube network; however, after a few weeks of discussing, researching, and heavy e-mailing, both of us agreed that it would be best to start something else and return to the idea of a YouTube network at a later time. Little did we know that a later time was less than a year, and that it would be our biggest success yet, but that's for later on. Nevertheless, we went right back at it sharing ideas and trying to figure out what our next venture was going to be. Thus, the creation of the tech and gaming news site CrysisTV appeared. CrysisTV was originally supposed to strictly be a gaming and technology news/reviews website. Mock-ups and business plans were created, and a few weeks later, development began on what eventually became

CrysisTV LogoUnlike the early stages of development with ShuffleVids, we thoroughly went through as many small details as we possible could so that most of the kinks in the site were worked out before launch. One of the biggest problems we thought we would face in the early development was not being able to find a sufficient amount of staff for the site; however, to our honest surprise, the response was huge. After Nic posted a video to his YouTube channel, the submission form blew up with applications to become a writer. We spent almost a week going through the original batch of writer applications, and the site launched with 23 writers on staff. At one point, CrysisTV had grown to over 30 writers and 3 editors. In addition to this, both of us regularly post articles on CrysisTV.

After the writers had the information they needed on publishing articles, uploading files to the WordPress Dashboard, and all other information that was needed, we decided that it was finally time to launch CrysisTV. The website officially launched on March 1st, 2013. We both quickly saw that the site had much more potential to grow into a brand than we had originally anticipated, and we took advantage of this monetizing the site via Google AdSense and direct sales advertising.

Around four months after the launch of CrysisTV, we began talking about an idea that we had been throwing for almost a year – a YouTube network. We wanted to start a YouTube network that was founded by YouTubers, for YouTubers, and one afternoon, we were at the CrysisTV office, a.k.a. Patrick's basement, and we started working on the business plan for the CrysisTV YouTube network. The business plan took about 6 1/2 hours to complete, but the end result looked magnificent.

After about a few weeks of emailing different companies, we were finally accepted by Vultra/Bent Pixels as a content aggregator under their network, and the CrysisTV YouTube Network officially launched on June 15, 2013. The first month seemed a little slow, and even the second month was not what anywhere near what we were hoping for. However, after that second month, things started turning around. Nic started pushing the network and the new CrysisTV Directors program on his YouTube channel and Twitter, and we both started going out and looking for partners. The CrysisTV YouTube Network grew to over 2,300,000 views/month and over 175 total partners by December 2013.

With that being said, the CrysisTV YouTube Network has not been all fun and games. There was a lot of negotiating going on behind the scenes since the launch of the CrysisTV Network in June. We, as stated above, started out as a content aggregator under the Vultra network. We had high hopes that one day we would be able to advance to a vertical network directly under Bent Pixels, Vultra's parent company, but that hope was, according to Bent Pixels, impossible under their network. Thus, we did what any good entrepreneurs would; we moved on. Since Bent Pixels was holding us back, we starting contacting other Multi-Channel-Networks on YouTube, and in December 2013, a deal was struck with Forela Digital to set CrysisTV up as a vertical network cutting out all future activities with Bent Pixels. CrysisTV was officially switched over to Forela Digital on January 1st, 2014.

Also on January 1st, 2014, we start our daily vlogs over at There, you will find a daily outline of what we do everyday of our lives as internet entrepreneurs. We try our best to be as transparent as possible and let you guys into our lives for at least 10 minutes every single day. We really hope you guys enjoy them.

RKT LogoIn March 2014, we launched a hobby project known as RKTus. RKT is a a small project that was setup from top to bottom in a weekend, and it is a project that we like to go back to if we have some free time or are looking for something small to clear our minds. That being said, RKTus has been very successful considering we have not done any marketing other than general search engine optimization. At the time this is being written, October 2014, RKTus has had over 150,000 links shortened using its service, and those links have been clicked over 1,000,000 times.

In May 2014, we finally graduated high school, and we officially became full time entrepreneurs. This was a big moment for us, and it really made us sit down and contemplate our business and how everything were doing was going. In this time, we decided to change a lot things. Including shutdown the CrysisTV YouTube network and starting a new kind of network. The kind of network that changed things. That did things different, and that is what we did.

DropbackTV LogoOn August 1st, 2014, we launched DropbackTV a YouTube network that is designed to helps small channels grow and reward them as they do so. When we set out to start DropbackTV, we didn't want to settle we wanted to have the best YouTube network that we could possibly have, and we believe that we do. In the 40 days after DropbackTV launched, it has grown to over 1,400 partners, over 11,000,000 total views, and over 120,00 subscribers. You can actually see DropbackTV's stats in real time by clicking here.

As far as future plans go, we plan on blogging here more and we plan to expand our online businesses even more. We have a few ideas that we are going to be officially announcing soon, and to find out more, you'll just have to stick around see what happens.

If you are interested in getting in contact with either of us, you can contact Patrick via email at, and you can contact Nic via email at We would love to hear from you!