Last year, one of my favorite articles that I published to the site was called “2014 – The Year of Risks,” which ended up being quite true. This year, I took a huge number of risks, including Forex Trading, skipping college, and starting over with a new and much better YouTube network with Nic. This year, though, I am going to call the Year of Action. While I took a lot of huge risks last year, I didn’t necessarily take a lot of action on as many things as I wanted to, which I will talk more about in my article next week that reflects on my life over the past year. I want that to change this year, so let’s talk about my goals and plans for this year.

As I said before, I want to take action this year. I don’t like saying that I regret something, so I’ll put it this way. There were a lot of things in 2014 that I wish I had simply done differently – for example, I wish that I had taken action with some opportunities with the company; however, at the same time, it may have been in the comapny’s best interest that I didn’t. Who knows? Either way, I know that this year I want to take more action with everything – personal or with the company. Things now are great, but they could also be improved. That’s what this year is about.

So while my first and foremost goal is to take action on more opportunities in life, I also want to automate some aspects of our business. Nic and I are currently doing a lot of tasks that are necessary to run the company and grow the network; however, they are tasks that could be outsourced to someone else without any drop in quality in support, response times, or, mainly, without our partners even noticing a difference.

As I said, these tasks are necessary to progress the business; however, it is not something that only the two of us are capable of handling. We love what we do, and that is exactly why we need to automate some things in the company – specifically the network. It will free us up to progress the company and the bigger picture, which will improve situations for all of our partners and associates. With Nic and I focusing on moving the company forward with big steps while we have a team working on the tasks such as support and content creation, we can take the company to a completely new place and expand the business’s horizons farther than ever.

Along with taking more action and planning to automate more aspects of the company by outsourcing, I also am setting a goal to be happier overall. I’ve realized the past few weeks that I’ve spent too much time being unhappy  over simple little things. And with that, it’s done with. While my life isn’t easy, it isn’t so difficult and stressful that I should be spending time feeling down about things. From this point on, stuff that makes me unhappy is gone. So, that’s that.

Now, I’ve talked about personal and company aspects and goals, but I’ve yet to touch on the trading aspect of it all. Trading FX is something that has become extremely important to me over the past few months since I started. But with that said, there is still more I can do to improve it. As I said in my last Forex article, I’ve done pretty well with trading. It’s not my main income, but it does produce some decent returns each month. I want that to change. Now, I’m not becoming greedy with it, as that will just lead to emotional mistakes, but I want it to become more sustainable. I want to learn more, and I would eventually like to be able to day trade, rather than swing trade. All of this is possible, but it will take time and effort. But I’m ready to put that time and effort in to make it happen now. My goal for trading is going to sound vague, but I have the exact goal on paper in front of me. I want better and more consistent returns, bigger wins than losses, and I want to improve my ability to analyze a pair.

One of the last categories that I want to touch on with this article is health. I’ve not paid much attention to it this year, and that was one of my biggest mistakes. Let’s just be honest; I sit at a computer most of the time. I don’t need carb-loaded foods that are meant to provide massive amounts of energy. I need food that is going to give me the energy I need to do what I do. I want to cut down fast food. Last year, I said that I wanted to cut out fast food, which didn’t work whatsoever, as you may have realized from watching the vlogs. So instead, I plan on having more things to make at home, rather than going out and buying food anytime I don’t feel like making something here.

Along with eating healthier, I also want to start working out. I want to burn the fast food off that I’ve ate this year, which apparently was a lot… But I also want to work out for the other health benefits. As I said before, I sit at a computer for work, so there isn’t a lot of physical activity, and I often feel drained and unmotivated. However, when I even go for a simple run, it gives me the energy and motivation to get more done. I want to see what working out will do for my health and productivity. After all, if automation with the company goes correctly, I’ll have an extra hour or so in the day to head to the gym and work out.

The next goal I want to talk about is something that has always fallen through, except for this year. It’s come to my realization that if I’m not doing exactly what I said I was going to do, I lose some motivation – sometimes enough to give up on projects. That can’t and won’t happen anymore. If my original plan doesn’t work, I’ll find another plan. Which brings me to my next goal – content creation. I started my current YouTube channel this time last year when I published my first video, a channel introduction. A few months later. I was getting over 1,000 views/day, which for just being a few months old, was really good. It provided some extra income, and it was just fun to do overall, until I started publishing a lot of gaming content. I’ve realized that gaming content isn’t my thing – tech videos are. That’s where I want to go. I want to bring the channel back, and I already have some videos recorded. There isn’t a set schedule yet, as I’m still trying to figure one out, but my goal for this year is to have the channel at 3,000 subscribers by the end of the year. The channel is currently at 1,000+, so reaching this goal is possible, but only possible with a lot of work on it.

So those are my current goals for 2015. While the article didn’t really go into many specifics for each goal, I have all the specifics on paper in front of me. So while it may seem vague at times, trust me, it’s very concise.  I’m excited to see how this goes, and I’m excited to see where I end up in the end of the year. Also, keep in mind that I’ve only chosen to share a few of my goals for the year. I have other goals that I would like to keep offline for now. You’ll know more about those when the time comes, but I don’t want to say too much about them now.

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