I have thought a lot about whether or not to make this public. It actually prevented me from writing this for few days, but I think it is best for me to make it public so you guys can see what I am aspiring to do. Plus, I hope to bring you guys along for the ride here on the blog, so it kind of makes sense. 

Nevertheless, what am I talking about here? Well, what I am talking about is my goals for 2015. A list of my my primary objectives that I am going to complete in the next year. A few of which may surprise you. A few of which may not. All of which I am going to hold my self accountable for until I truly accomplish them. These aren’t new years resolutions. These are objectives, goals, achievements that I want to reach by the end of 2015. With that being said, let’s get into it!

1) Reach 200lbs (105lbs Lost)

I’ve talked about my health goals before on the blog. Almost none of which really materialized and actually happened, but I can’t let one singular failure keep me down. People fail all the time, especially in the world of weight loss, and those who succeed are the ones who pick themselves back up the next day and start again. A lot like being a successful entrepreneur if you think about it. I am now picking myself back up and starting things back up again. 

At the time I am writing this, I have just completed my first day of a low carb lifestyle change that will not only help me lose weight but also make me feel better. The truth is, I feel a lot better already, and it just started. I think this is going to be good. Now, I do want to define what I mean by “low carb”. I’m not talking about 10 carbs or less/day or anything drastic like that. What I’m talking about is somewhere less than 30 carbs/day. This allows me to still get some energy to get going, but it is also a lot healthier than the 200+ carbs/day I was eating previously.

In addition to going low carb, I am going to join a gym and start exercising. I said in my goals for a healthy lifestyle article a while back, that I wouldn’t be working out. I’ve changed my mind in that regard, and after the first of February, I will be going and signing up for a gym which I will go to everyday Monday thru Friday. I think it would be cool to see Patrick sign up, and tag along with me three days/week if he is up for it .

With those two major changes, I think I’ll be on track for weight loss. I will be able to do it this time, and the entire goal is to never have two bad days in a row. You’re going to have bad days. You are going to to slip up, but don’t keep slipping up. Get it back together the next day and keep pushing on. 

2) Start Outsourcing

This is very general as far as the title goes, so I want to make it a little more specific before going in depth with how I’m going to do it. Thus, here are three things I want to outsource next year.

  1. Video Editing for both my NicsGames channel and the DropbackTV channel.
  2. Recruiting for DropbackTV
  3. DropbackTV video recording hiring people to eventually completely take Patrick’s and my places in front of the camera. 

The reason I want to start outsourcing is because I want more free time. I have a list in front of me of things I would like to accomplish, but aren’t main goals. Many of which will be accomplished when these main goals are completed. Some of those hinge on me having more free time. By outsourcing time consuming tasks or tasks that I don’t enjoy, this can be achomplised very easily. I think it is best for me to break down each of these three areas individually and how I/we, depending on the case, plan to handle them. 

Video Editing for NicsGames and DropbackTV

For this, I will find a very competent editor in an asianic country that is willing to edit 20 or more videos/week. This will include 12 videos from me and 6 for the DropbackTV channel. I will use a service such as eLance, YourManInIndia, and other outsourcing websites to find this person. Using the tips taught in The Four Hour Workweek, I will train them and get them editing videos like crazy. This will free up tons of time for me as I spend the majority of my time making videos, editing them. 

Recruiting for DropbackTV

When it comes to recruiting partners, it is something that Patrick and I have always freaking despised. It is a very boring and tiresome experience. For that reason, we haven’t done any recruiting at DropbackTV. All of DropbackTV’s growth has come from SEO marketing and advertising. With that being said, direct, person-to-person recruiting is something that needs to start being done. 95% of DropbackTV’s revenue comes from 5% of it’s partners. We want to start replicating those partners, and the only way to do that is to start going out and recruiting channels like them. We will be outsourcing this as it is very tedious and not a best use of our time. 

To find someone to this tedious job, we will again to turn to asianic and up-and-coming countries to outsource using the exact same sites that are mentioned above. This will allow us to get someone who is specialized in tedious tasks such as data entry, mass emailing, and pleasent communication. Rest assured though that we will be conducting the final meetings and making sure we are involved with and invested in every partner that is recruited. 

DropbackTV On-Camera Personalities

This is a bit different from the other two outsourcing mini-goals. With this one, we will not be hiring from an asianic area. We will be hiring from the US and Europe, and will most likely use our audience to find the perfect candidates for the job. These people will take over for Patrick and myself in terms of recording videos for DropbackTV and working with our editor to get them up and live for our partners to see! While we love doing the videos ourselves, we can’t do everything in the business, and the goal is for us to invest as much time as in areas that will move things forward. Sadly, we don’t see recording videos as apart of that.

With the above changes, I will be able to focus on improving my channel and making it the best it can be, and Patrick and I will be able to focus more on growing DropbackTV as a whole not micro-managing and doing all of the small stuff that has to be done but doesn’t move DropbackTV forward into the future.

3) Make $10,000 In One Month

This goal right here is what made me think twice about writing this article. Many people will see it and think that I am either bragging or stupid for making a financial goal public. The truth is though, I wanted to use this to inspire you guys. Just like I wanted to inspire you guys with my article where I disclosed all of my YouTube earnings for a month. This goal is actually attainable next year. It is something I have always wanted to do as no one in my family has ever done it before.

This goal also is a big f*#k you to the people who doubted me along the way. Even if they never follow me. Even if they never see or hear about the success I’ve already had and hope to continue to have, I’ll know that I’ve proved them wrong. People told me that I couldn’t make a living off YouTube, and I did. People told me that I could make consistent money off of the internet, and I did. People have told me that I can’t make $10,000 in one month, and this year, I hope to prove them wrong. 

I plan on doing this by continuing to grow DropbackTV, using the things already mentioned above with outsourcing, and I hope to do this by continuing to grow my income from my YouTube channel through just raw growth. I am track to be at over 1,000,000 views/month and almost 75,000 subscribers by the summer months at which time things will increase drastically. I have no clue what the numbers will be in the summer as it seems to get bigger every year. 

And there you have! My goals for 2015. There are just three of them. Not a ton, but an accomplishable amount. Don’t set thousands of goals. Set a few goals that if you achomplish them will make other goals you have fall into place. For example, hiring an editor for my YouTube channel will help me be more consistent, which will help me grow faster, which will help me reach 100,000 subscribers by the end of the year – a goal that I had on my brainstorming list before I wrote this article. There are actually 10 things I want to make happen this year on that list that will all be accomplished when the above are completed. It’s pretty crazy how a few big goals can make a bunch of smaller ones just happen. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a great 2015, and please feel free to post your goals for the coming year in the comment section of this article. I’ll happily take a look at them!