“I’ve Got a Case of the Monday’s…” – Dreading the Days Away

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Recently, I was browsing my Facebook News Feed, which these days is a mistake, as I just get irritated with the fact that most of it is people I graduated high school with complaining about everything, and yes, I do mean everything. Every Saturday and Sunday, though, I see the same thing. “I’m so not looking forward to Monday,” says one friend. “Monday’s ruin all the fun from the weekend,” says another. But my favorite thus far is quite an interesting one. “I’ve sure got a case of the Monday’s today. Work sucks. Job sucks. This day is ****. And I just want it to be the weekend again!!” says my new best friend on the social network! All of that brings me to my point of the article – why live a life you dread?

I get it; people have bad days. However, that seems to be a bit excessive. To be honest, if you dread what you do so much that you feel the need to post a status update about it, maybe you should reconsider what you need to do with your life. I cannot imagine living a life where I woke up on Sunday morning and had a feeling of sadness and dread for the next day or few days until the weekend. Trust me, I’ve had things in my life I wasn’t looking forward to, but I found that if I have to do it, I will do it with a positive attitude. Complaining about the future only sets you up for failure – being unhappy.

When you’re unhappy, you’re unmotivated, not productive, stressed, a stressor to those around you, and more than likely, no fun to be around. Who wants that? Do you honestly think for a minute that your friends want to sit around and complain about tomorrow with you every time you hang out? No, because believe it or not, people want happiness and motivation and a reason to keep going. Even unhappy people don’t want to associate themselves with other unhappy people. So why do we, as a society, think it is okay to complain publicly about the “Monday’s?” Why do we accept that you’re just supposed to not enjoy your work week? How twisted of a society are we?

When I work, I feel happy, more productive, motivated, and accomplished. When I’m lazy, I feel unmotivated; thus, I don’t accomplish anything to further myself as a person and become unhappy. I become lazy when I feel like I’m dreading something, so I simply turn that into “Hey, when I get this done, and I’m free to work on what I love.” So I do it, finish it, and move on to what I love. Even if you love your work as much as I love mine, you’re still going to have those tasks (weekly for me) that you just don’t enjoy like you used to. But since when does complaining fix that? Get it done, and move on to what you love about it. After all, you picked your career (hopefully) because you had some interest in it. Find that interest again, and use it to your advantage.

Additionally, if it just makes you that unhappy, find something else. Sure, you may have kids, a family, a longtime career, but you can make small steps toward finding something new. Your income isn’t worth losing your happiness. It never has been. The worst thing you can do to yourself is force yourself to be miserable. So let it go. Find what you love, and go for it. It is truly never too late. Sometimes, you need to take the worst situation and find the best opportunity. So next time you start to complain about Monday, maybe you should realize that it’s not Monday that sucks. It may not even be your job that sucks. It’s your attitude that does.

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