3 Apps That I Use Everyday To Get More Done

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As someone who really cares about his productivity, I’m constantly trying new things and seeing how they affect what I get done. I think it is safe to say that I have tried over 100 different apps, websites, and programs all that are supposed to help me get more done, and I am always trying to find new apps that will help me be more productive. With that being said, there are three apps that I always keep coming back to. This post outlines all of them, why I love them, and how I use them myself!

1. Evernote

Evernote is a godsend when it comes to keeping text organized online. It helps you keep everything in one place, and for many people, including myself, it is our digital brain. It remembers, stores, and keeps track of things that we would otherwise forget. Evernote also features the ability for users to share notes so they can both view them and edit them.  I’ve looked, and I’ve looked hard for a replacement for Evernote specifically in preparation for this article. Nothing is anywhere near as good as Evernote, and I can say that in complete confidence. Evernote is the standard for text organization and management.

Now that you know what Evernote does in general, how do I use it myself. Personally, I use it to do everything from journaling to receipt recording and management to general text management. We keep all of our general text responses from DropbackTV, TheMinecraftProject, and CrysisTV in Evernote, and it helps Patrick and myself keep all of our responses on the same page. We also use it to keep things like call lists, email lists, business plans, and more together in one place so we can both view from them anywhere whether in be on our computers, phones, or just the web. Evernote is a tool that without it I don’t know what I would be doing to keep documents organized. Folders on my computer maybe? Eww. That sound gross!

2. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is my to-do list app. It allows people to organize their tasks into projects, assign due-dates, create sub-tasks, add attachments, add notes, and much more. There is so much I can’t even type it all here. You can also add people to projects and assign people to tasks. I don’t use that feature, but I do know teams that use Wunderlist very effectively and absolutely love it. Wunderlist is an awesome to-do list app with tons of features to better adapted to whatever kind of productivity style you have. In my case, that is sub-tasks and due dates. For you, it might be task assigning and attachments. Whatever it is, I’d suggest giving Wunderlist a try. It is one of the most successful to-do lists out there, and they got there for a reason.

Nevertheless, what about me. Why do I love Wunderlist so much? Well, it’s simple. Wunderlist allows me to do task management how I want to. I have used to-do lists that have taken me almost an hour to setup tasks in each day just to get ready to actually start completing the tasks themselves. Wunderlist, for me, is super simple to setup tasks with. It takes me, at max, 10 minutes everyday to setup the tasks for the coming day, and that is perfect. No useless BS. Just adding tasks and setting their categories. That. Is. It.

3. Sunrise

Okay, I know what some of you are thinking. Did Nic lose his mind? Why is the sunrise on this list? Sure, it’s pretty, but how does it help productivity. Well, I’m afraid you may have the wrong sunrise in mind. The Sunrise I am talking about is a calendar app that I have been using for about 6 months now, and it has completely replaced Google Calendar for me. It allows users to sync tons of calendars from services like Google Calendar, iCal, Express, and a lot more all to one place. Thus making it a lot easier to collaborate with someone who is using a different calendar service than you. Something that can be a big pain if and cause huge scheduling mess ups if you are not careful.

So, how does it help me be more productive? Valid question as that is why we are here. Sunrise helps me stay more productive by giving me an all-in-one place to check my calendar. For example, Patrick uses iCal, and if I need to collaborate with him on meeting with someone, it used to be very difficult. Now, I can just add it to my iCal through Sunrise and share the event with him. It is that simple. It also allows me to add personally events to my Google Calendar with ease in the exact same way you would with Google calendar itself, and considering it has a much more appealing design, in my opinion, than Google Calendar has ever had, it is the prefect option for my calendar.

Everyone is different, so what tools do you use to stay productive? Let me know in the comments of this post, and if it sound good, I may give it a try myself! Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed the article! Please consider sharing it if you did it really helps us out!