As a kid, I heard for years that you are who you surround yourself with, and up until later in high school, I really didn’t realize how true this statement was. Sometimes, though, I wonder if that is because I chose not to realize it was true, or if I genuinely didn’t realize it. Nevertheless, I think this is something a lot of people fail to realize at some point in their life, and it’s important to understand that no matter what situation you’re in,…Continue Reading “Give it Up; You’re Surrounded”

I get asked all to frequently how much I make from YouTube, is it enough to live off of, and how do I do it. Well, I think it’s time I answer that question. I’m going to be super transparent. I’m going to show you all of the income sources I have that come from my YouTube channel, how much I make from each one, and how you can replicate what I’ve done. There are hundreds of articles about YouTube content creators, how much money…Continue Reading “How To Make YouTube Your Full Time Job”

With everything going on today, many people are likely to reach a point where they are overloaded with too much useless information, which can lead to a huge decrease in productivity with working. Through this article, we can look into ways that you can cut down on being overloaded with too much information at once to increase your work productivity. #1 – Cut It Down Every person you follow or friend on a social network is going to add to the amount of “information” that…Continue Reading “4 Steps to Avoid Information Overload”

At my high school graduation, the chosen speaker, I’ve forgotten who it was, told us the “Bill Gates 11 Rules They Don’t Teach You In School”. Oddly enough, those aren’t from Bill Gates at all and are actually from the book “Dumbing Down our Kids” by educator Charles Sykes, but still they are pretty inspirational for future employees. You can read the original version of these rules here. Now, as many of you know, I’m not a future employee. I’m not a future anything. When I…Continue Reading “10 Rules For Young Entrepreneurs”

I was talking to someone today, and they said something that really struck a chord with me. Whilst talking about what I do for a living, find out more here, versus what he does for a living, works a dead-end 9-to-5 job, he told me that, “You shouldn’t like your job, and that if you do like your job, you won’t have it long.” WHAT?!? This made absolutely no sense to me, and for that reason, I’m going to talk about this statement, where it…Continue Reading ““You Shouldn’t Like Your Job””

Over the past year, I’ve learned more about life than previously learned over the other 17 years, but one of the most important tasks I’ve taught myself to do everyday is learn from yesterday, live for today, and plan for tomorrow. Previously, I was focusing too much of my energy on making things right from the past and preparing for the future, but through all of that, I forgot some things. I forgot to live. I forgot to smile, and I forgot to be happy….Continue Reading “Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, and Plan for Tomorrow”

You’ve got an idea, and you’re ready to start a website around that idea. The only problem is that you cannot find a domain name that will work for you. This could be for a few reasons. The most likely one is that all of the domains you want have already been bought by someone else. However, this may not be the case as your desired domains could be premium or you might just want to make sure that before you pull the trigger and…Continue Reading “How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Your Website”

This a dual post by both Nic King And Patrick Fassler. It was heavily collaborated on, and written together. Thus, we, us, and other group pronouns are used. Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of people posting on Facebook talking about how they are going to college, starting their classes, and dealing with the homework they are getting. This really got us thinking. Everyone knows what these people are going through. This is the road that most people travel. This is the road that, as of 2013, 66% of…Continue Reading “What It’s Like On The Road Less Traveled”

Well, here it is. My return to blogging after what has almost been an entire year without writing anything in a blog style format. Sure, there are some press releases, a few tutorials, and maybe a news article or two still mixed in recent memory, but overall, it has been almost a year since I put my fingers on a keyboard and started typing an actually blog post. So, why write this post. Why did I decide to write a post on why I want…Continue Reading “Why I Wanted To Start Blogging Again”

Last year, and even up to a month or so ago, I thoroughly enjoyed following other entrepreneurs on Twitter. This, however, is something that I have come to realize isn’t as interesting or helpful as I once thought. You see, there’s an issue with that. Entrepreneurs tend to be very opinionated, cocky, and full of self-promotion. It’s specifically this last topic that turns me off. I don’t mind reading a few 140 characters rants every now and then. In fact, I quite enjoy reading what…Continue Reading “Why I Unfollowed A Large Amount of Entrepreneurs”