With everything going on today, many people are likely to reach a point where they are overloaded with too much useless information, which can lead to a huge decrease in productivity with working. Through this article, we can look into ways that you can cut down on being overloaded with too much information at once to increase your work productivity. #1 – Cut It Down Every person you follow or friend on a social network is going to add to the amount of “information” that…Continue Reading “4 Steps to Avoid Information Overload”

Everyday of our lives, we face hundreds of little things that can stress us out without us even realizing it. Every now and then, it’s good to take a step back and do a few small things that make us happy. The only downside to that is sometimes it’s hard to think of small things to make us happy, as weird as it sounds. So here’s a list of five small things to make you happy at any random time. 1. Optimistically Look Forward One…Continue Reading “5 Small Things to Make You Happy”

Expectations seem to be the one thing in life that will let you down consistently, so why bother having them? To me, it seems that too many people focus on setting expectations. For example, people expect to succeed by “working hard,” but how the hell would that ever help you? It’s such a vague statement that it’s not telling you anything. It is an expectation, not a goal. Goals are what people need to focus on, because when you start to expect to succeed, you…Continue Reading “Why You Should Expect to Fail”

Over the past year, I’ve learned more about life than previously learned over the other 17 years, but one of the most important tasks I’ve taught myself to do everyday is learn from yesterday, live for today, and plan for tomorrow. Previously, I was focusing too much of my energy on making things right from the past and preparing for the future, but through all of that, I forgot some things. I forgot to live. I forgot to smile, and I forgot to be happy….Continue Reading “Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, and Plan for Tomorrow”

This a dual post by both Nic King And Patrick Fassler. It was heavily collaborated on, and written together. Thus, we, us, and other group pronouns are used. Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of people posting on Facebook talking about how they are going to college, starting their classes, and dealing with the homework they are getting. This really got us thinking. Everyone knows what these people are going through. This is the road that most people travel. This is the road that, as of 2013, 66% of…Continue Reading “What It’s Like On The Road Less Traveled”

Last year, and even up to a month or so ago, I thoroughly enjoyed following other entrepreneurs on Twitter. This, however, is something that I have come to realize isn’t as interesting or helpful as I once thought. You see, there’s an issue with that. Entrepreneurs tend to be very opinionated, cocky, and full of self-promotion. It’s specifically this last topic that turns me off. I don’t mind reading a few 140 characters rants every now and then. In fact, I quite enjoy reading what…Continue Reading “Why I Unfollowed A Large Amount of Entrepreneurs”

When starting your online business, you’re going to be faced with many decisions. One of the most important of these decisions is your attitude. Now, I could talk for days about why having a positive attitude in anything you do is important. Actually, I could spend days talking about how it will benefit your online business in specific ways; however, for this article, we’ll go over some ways on how to view the money aspect to your online business. More specifically, we’ll focus on the…Continue Reading “Its All About Perspective: Investing vs. Spending”

One of the best things about starting an online business is having the ability to start a low-cost business. While most brick-and-mortar have a huge overhead of startup costs that will result in you spending thousands of dollars, online business usually will only cost a few hundred dollars to start effectively. You won’t need to spend thousands on an office. You won’t need to spend hundreds or thousands each month on employees, and you won’t need to spend thousands on supplies. So let’s go over…Continue Reading “How to Start an Online Business for Less Than $100”

What defines high quality video? How do I produce high quality videos? These are questions that we receive from content creators on a regular basis, and to be completely honest with you, it is not difficult whatsoever to be able to produce the high quality video content that you see from some of the biggest and best video content creators online. So, what’s the first step in creating the content that your audience deserves? Well, to be honest with you, this is going to cost…Continue Reading “What is a High Quality Video, and How Can You Produce it in 3 Easy Steps!”

This is a post that we thought needed to be done. We needed to tell the .0001% of people out there that currently want this website to have content why it doesn’t. Well, the reason is simple. Originally, we wanted this to be a place for the both us to vent about things and talk about things that we found wrong with the world. That, however, isn’t something we are really in the business of doing. If we want to make a change in the…Continue Reading “What Is NicAndPatrick.com?”